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    IT’S TMI TUESDAY. You are allowed to ask me literally anything you want.

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    we’ve become branded many things:


    we seemingly have traded in the brand
    of human being

    and what happened to substance and
    truth? all we are now is fluffy
    pink boxes and forced happiness

    where is the real reality at,
    where does it hide at,
    why can’t we be what we
    were always meant to be

    instead of numbing our feelings
    with bible verses and
    self help books

    be you and i’l be me
    we’ll be a brand of change

    cut yourself, bleed the color
    red - bed yourself, love your
    fucking self

    stop looking for strings
    to tie yourself with,
    stop looking for someone
    else to breath life into your chest

    if you’re never what YOU want to be,
    then how am supposed to see the truth,

    And i’ll do the same - even when you
    ignore the pictures i paint,
    i’ll be so fucking true to myself
    that you’ll either run for cover
    or .. well, you’ll probably still
    ignore me

    but this is the point -
    i realize this now -
    it doesn’t matter what you

    it only matters what i think
    to myself at night
    when you’re selling out
    with your empty words
    and pink box’s with bows
    and fluff 

    because you don’t know who you
    are - you just keep bouncing on
    to one happy feeling after another,
    afraid of the dark. 

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    Lovely Lilly

    Before I knew you
    I thought I knew beauty
    But you came along
    and shattered my reality

    All the women I have known
    will never even come close
    to matching who you are
    your radiance is grandiose

    You’ve been my confidant
    and my biggest supporter
    When I’m crumbling to pieces
    you are my mortar 

    When the world comes along
    giving me a kick and shove
    you pick me up, dust me off
    shower me in unconditional love. 

    You know that I love you
    to the end of all time
    Lovely,brilliant, amazing Lilly
    you are unequivocally sublime.

    For the great, unrequited love of my life: poeticallyundead

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    thnx for the follow! =]



    You are very welcome! Thanks for following me. Hope you enjoy!

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    the life of asher s dinnen: Hidden delight


    On two occasions,
    I have said the unspoken words.
    On two occasions,
    I had it engraved,
    On two bracelets.
    The first one of silver,
    The second of gold.
    On two occasions,
    I had this sinking feeling,
    That these little small tokens,
    Would lead to my demise.

    In what cruel demented world,

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    In this galaxy
    Star crossed lovers
    The constellations are not quite clear
    Though they’re right above us
    I’ve got the shovel
    You found the grave
    In a cemetery
    Tombstones never save
    Inscribed on this epitaph
    Things I never got to say
    They told me love will never last
    Only feelings of hate and disdain
    Last forever
    I’ll never be the same
    But the sun is rising
    The morning brings new faith
    No longer feel like I’m dying
    When I stare at your face
    Comets crash
    Space is made
    This universe is vast
    But I can’t look past
    I only see my asteroid
    Floating across your Milky Way
    My eyes
    Are satellites
    Suffering and pain
    Moments only come once in a blue moon
    I’ve painted my vision red
    Stretched out my hand too soon
    Maybe I’ve been misled
    This orbit
    Looks morbid
    At best
    My axis is spinning off course
    But the source
    The core of all my resolve
    Rockets off to the unknown
    Don’t know what quite to expect
    Desire intense
    Like gamma rays and lasers
    Is there anything even left?
    Worth to venture a second guess
    All these signs point to a zodiac
    My horoscope is blessed
    I’ll find what I want
    I’ll get what I get
    I’m nothing but a lonely astronaut
    And when I land on your planet
    You’ll know that under this helmet
    I hold no regrets

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    lucasmengy said: For the sleeve you want to do, I think you should make your Luigi and everything into a a scene of a Mario level. Like have the ground and sky and everything else that is one a level of Mario. I know I explained it pretty horribly, but hopefully you know what I'm talking about haha. That's at least what I imagined when I saw your tattoos.

    I am planning on doing just that! I am going to add all of the characters i want first, then when they are done, I am adding the background similar to level 1-1 of SMB3 (I know I have 8-4 on my leg already, but that it a memorial to my brother).  I’m really doing a mish-mash of my favorite characters from different games. The Luigi I have is Paper Luigi, and the Mario I want is from Super Paper Mario. I want Lakitu from SMB 3, and the Gooba who drops babies from SMB 3 as well. I really don’t care if it spans games. I’ve loved the entire franchise, so I’m going to reflect that.

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    A Sonnet for Treazure (Nicole)


    My beautiful Red

    A smile that forever hides

    The wicked monsters fed

    Pain your poor heart abides

    But what lies inside

    Beneath the pain

    Behind forced pride

    Under that grin she feigns

    There is a queen that reins

    A stunning picture of love

    Standing over demons slain

    Her spirit, a fluttering dove

    My rock and eternal friend

    My soul savior and godsend

    I love you…. :’)

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    Later Taters!

    Hopefully, I’ll talk to you all some more tomorrow.

    Sweet dreams!

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    moonlighthamsters said: Hahaha! I loved it ^_^

    That was me by the way :D

    I love you azzy. Inspired me to write a boob poem. I dedicate it to you!

  12. 3 years ago 

    phi1ch said: yes, i like boobs a lot, you gotta like boobs a lot


    Such a great song.

  13. 3 years ago 

    Anonymous said: I think... you should write a poem... about boobs.

    It could possibly be the greatest thing ever.


    Okies. I’ll go a post about it. Give me a few.

  14. 3 years ago 

    Anonymous said: Like... you can use them as pillows, you can use them as cushioning when you fall, you can use them to point in some direction, you can make things awkward for someone, you can make things sexy for someone, you can hide money or a cell phone with the help of them... just so many things. Boobs are versatile.

    I agree, yet again. I am a big fan of the boob wallet. I keep many things in my bra when I go out. 

    I’ve never used my boobs to point in some direction though. Next time I give directions I’ll make sure to do this.

    *softly sings* everybody needs a bosom for a pillow….

  15. 3 years ago 

    Anonymous said: New anon: boobs are fantastic. They make me happy in ways nothing else can.

    Wow. Two boob loving anons. What are the odds?

    Why are all the boob lovers being drawn to me? I have nice boobs, yes. But, nothing spectacular. If you want to see nice boobs go check out thearaxie.tumblr.com. THOSE are nice boobs.

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